Consulting – All consults include a written plan that will be emailed to you after the consult

Consults can occur via the phone, site visit or email. Of course, the better we know your pet the better we can advise you.


♥ Site visits to determine how to make your home more accessible for your Remarkable Animal. Examples include “tripods”, blind, neurologically impaired, and senior animals.

♥ Quality of life – Since our animals can’t speak, it can be hard to know how much they are struggling or enjoying the world around them. It can also be hard to be think clearly when your emotions are high. We can provide you with insight and tools.

♥ How to integrate a Remarkable Animal into your life style- Similar to quality of life discussions, it can be overwhelming when you discover your critter has needs (emotional, physical, or medical) that you didn’t plan on. Our consulting services can help you realistically take a look at both yours and your pets needs and decide next steps.


floyd-e-collor♥ In your home – first visit $60, each additional visit $45 (phone and email follow-up questions not charged).

♥ Phone and email $40 consult – This includes addressing completely new issues, after having an initial consult for previous issues.

♥ We strongly recommend an initial in-home consult, but understand that is not always possible).