Christmas Tree Water

Dear Mom,

img_20161224_104245395Thanks for sending Topher to check in on me. He’s made sure to get the wood stove nice and warm. He has figured out that perfect spot, right behind my ear, to rub. My only complaint is he’s not giving any extra food. Why did you tell him I was on a diet? That was not necessary! My curves are attractive and my extra weight keeps me warm.

Anyway, I know he checked with you to make sure there were no chemicals in the Christmas tree water. I told him it was fine. I don’t know why he didn’t listen. He was nice enough to make sure there was still plenty of water there for me. It’s quite tasty.

Even though he’s been doing things like getting the wood stove going and turning on lights so the house looks occupied, he’s given me a lot of attention. He is dazzled by my good looks and charm. I can tell because he’s been taking a lot of pictures.

This morning he brought his dog. I know the first time img_20161224_104149406the dog came over I seemed worried, but I’ve decided he’s a total wuss. You know how I always sit on the stairs when the dumb dog is here? Today I was going to come down, but the dog started whining so much I decided to stop. Like I said, a complete wimp. He’s kind of entertaining to watch though. Topher sent him outside and I was having so much fun watching him through the windows, I kept forgetting to lean my head in for scritches.

That’s all for now,


One thought on “Christmas Tree Water

  1. Dear Sally,

    Thanks so much for the letter! I’m glad you’re in such good hands. Sounds like you’ve had a great time. Let me tell ya, with all the noise and whining around here, you’d be glad to be at home. Enjoy the peace and quiet now, as we will be home tomorrow!

    Mama Kat


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